My mother has been doing geneology for years on our family, and in combing census records (these are mostly from the 1930 United States census) she has run across many rather unusual names. At least, to some of us these are not what we would have named our children. To those who did it, it must have seemed correct at the time. I present her list with no further editorializing.

What's in a name? That which we call a rose 
By any other name would smell as sweet.

William Shakespeare, "Romeo and Juliet"

Unusual names

Harry Legg Grant Powers C A Hogg Vine Apple
Ima Hogg Truly King Harry Hogg Valentine Apple
Tennessee Hill Truly Cash Ona Hogg Early May Cherry
Holly Hawk Ima King Chiley Hogg Bulb Peach
Tommy Hawk Ima Barber Pinky Hogg Orange Peach
Look Sharp (Indian) Ima Wall Noon Frost Early Christian
Tinker Bell Ima Mess Cycle Frost Icy Christian
Polly Esther Ima Cook Sport Frost Orange Christian
Penny Dollar Evel Dollar Snap Frost Virgin Christian
True Love Story Erna Dollar Will Forst Queen Christian
Park A Carr Will See Carry Frost Jollie Christian
Gold Diamond Pierce Hing on Wing See Rural Frost Carol Song
Nice Trucks I M Smart Finer Frost Christian Song
Shade Parks Made R Olive Leather Frost Sing Song
Florida Parks Brown Nutt Snowflake Frost Wise Price
White Moss Hazel Nutt Look at the Road Handy Price
Justin Case Wild Nutt Low Street Choice Price
White Rice Golden Berry Luscious Street Curly Beard
Merry Christmas Lucky Berry Black Chest Icie Cheek
Green Black Young Berry Harry Chest Dimple Cheek
Boy Toy Lincoln Carr Minor Foot Less Miles
General King Pink Carr Cupid Foot Little Miles
Tennessee Parks Cherry Wood Carr Harry Foot Shaving Miles
King Solomon Candy Carr Tribe Foot Green Hill
Long Island Low Carr Wounded Foot Shady Hill
Rosie Cheek Chew Toy White Big Foot Pear Line Hill
Jack Frost See Toy Classy Foot Easter Hill
Royal White Gong Toy Black Garden Peak Mountain
Green Rose Lucky Toy Daisy Garden Manures Mountain
White Rose Hooz Legg Rose Garden Woman on top of Mountain
Hilo Pickle Wealthy Board Atlas Strong Flint Mark
Olive Pickle Low Board Pretty Jewell Christian Mark
Uglie Jones Ima Bird Just Jewell Ever Mark
Judge Good King Bird Real Jewell Easter Mark
Hazy Hill Dove Bird Buck Cash Wealthy Poor
Nighten Day Rich Hart Rose Violet Pearl Honey Rich
Lincoln Penny Marry Hart Crystal Pearl Moved Party
Crystal Glass Less Jolly I M White Bar Line
Candy Apple Valley Stepp Blue Bell White Bird Line
Gather Pickle Carry Hogg Lilly White Hook Lock
Brown Pickle Handy Hogg Song Church Novel Cloud
Harry Cheek Sailor Hogg Alter Church Ona Cloud
Icey Frost Meta Hogg I Love Knotts Sunshine Cloud
I M Wax Emma Hogg White Low Apple C R Cloud
Will Cost Pleasant Cost I M Proud Shady Cloud
Jack A Cost Shed Cost Alto Key Ima Key
Easter Moon Lacy Moon May B Maybe Welcome Key
Huge Moon Fat Orange Wash Orange Ruby Orange
Ima Law Noble Law May B Law May I Horse
Mary Rides Horse Charley Horse Iron Horse Woman Good Horse
Out Horse Went Wave Stranger Christian Stranger Lucious Good
Lone Stranger Ima Trout I M Good Comfort Good
Lily Pond Minnie Mouse Man A House Lazy House
Sofa House Atlas Stone Jewell Stone Other Stone
Tiny Stone Mother Rock Rolla Rock Fun Wild
Pet Straw Green Bush Will Lower I M Lower
Rose Plenty Buffalo Silence Lower I B Lower Zenith Lower
Well Known Buffalo Lovely Buffalo Cute White Buffalo Walking Alone Buffalo
Hate Bell Candy Bell Early Bell Armie Guy
Clay Duck Swan Duck Icey Guy Jesus Guy
Blossom Duck Pricie Camp Love Rivers O C Rivers
Will Paint Guy Wire Sandy Lake Rosary Mary Wire
Fillmore Blank Need Spark Thick Chin Odd Chin
Fat Chin Long Chin Wee Chin Thankful Flower
Valentine Flower Price A Christmas Pass Holly Chase A Book
Love Booth Folly Holly Ever Holly C A Book
Icy Roof Low Roof Bee A Book Little Park
Chile Park Pay I Park Fried Guest Fairy Guest
Bitter Guess Red Eagle Gray Eagle Lone Eagle
Sweet Eagle Belle Pepper Man Seymore Miner Neighbor
Valentine Sugar Central Mood Carry Wood Evergreen Wood
Bee Moody C A Flood Hook Lock Add A Lump
Lively Ring Water Ring Lady Large Will Judge
Other Wise I B Wise Math Wise Lawyer Winter
Ura Case Hardy Winter I C Winter Minor Angel
Joy Angel Mood Angel Hope Angel Baby Doll
Arch Angel Will Shine I M Dull Inward Show
Iva Trick Goon Show Major Dent D C Watts
Curley Beard Early Person Early Christian Woman Curley Hair
Early Money Early Deal Early Dew Thankful Look
Smart Price Smart Smoker Wealthy Poor Spicy Cook
Valley Shows Valley Ditch Valley Springs Silver Dollar
Silver Penny Silver Pinto Minor Battle Minor Trail
Low Davenport Low Key Low Branch Water Current
Water Good Low Price Low Fat Water Craft
Golden Seat Golden Rule Sank Barge Cozy Chew
Lean Lamb Lean Patty Lean On Lemon Freeze
Memory Lane Usher Head Usher Box Worth Little
Worth Moore Worth Blessing Worth Music Almond Butter
Perk Coffey Shade Parks Cherry Bloom Emanuel Sinner
Cherry Box Cherry Smell Cherry Red Rush Holiday
Cherry Tart Cherry Street Jet Holiday Rainey Holiday
Constant Scales Boy Look You Look Florida Freeze
Goldie Mustard Woodie Thorn Carrie A Box Tennessee Hike
Washie Rainwater Carrie Rainwater Doctor Loving Governor Looney
Shack Lodge Less Holiday Major Holiday Floral Holiday
Meter Crook Lone Crook

first names




Palmetto Judge Ovary Date
Niece Anguish Stark Author
Queen Spry Sunshine Pine
Bloom Saint Leeper Freelove
Cupid Boozer Erie Fairy
Halftime Lieutenant Cone Maybe
Hence Preacher Tuck Lard
Branch Prince Welcome Rider
Shred Blossom Rosebud Lady
Legendary Sadly Horbly Banner
Pride Cling Gaswell Willow
Gladious Courtious Marine Northern
Pope Okra Snozie Reverent
Pine Render Cola Topsey
Canister President Peaches Rate
Coin Sledge Butress Wolf
Blossom Banister Empolite Almond
Vineyard Memory Chewer Day
Heavey Metro Siberia Boney
Nutty Mare Urban Glean
Parrott Lump Bunion Tuck
Twig Cozy Onward Hutch
Ledger Thread Bark Darling
Urban Lawyer Chain Lamb
Press Cinderella Key Arson
Comfort Heart Loco Comodore
Frosty Earthy Flake

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